Is the Liberal Narrative of Right Wing Hate Unstoppable?

As the great Dennis Prager is fond of pointing out, those of us on the right side of the political spectrum (and indeed, the right side of the political spectrum) have no choice but to be exposed to left wing thought, since it permeates popular culture, academia, and the mainstream press. Being on the left, among other things, means that one needn’t expose themselves to right wing ideas.

Many of those on the political left are on the political left simply because they’ve never heard an actual right wing argument.

Others are likely simply in denial of the facts, either consciously or unconsciously, but in either case it does an extreme disservice to the larger political discourse to have any active denial of the facts.

In addition to simply being exposed to left wing ideas as a matter of course, I intentionally monitor several websites that I know are likely to have different opinions than I do, one of these is PZ Myers’ site Pharyngula, Myers is an associate professor in the department of Biology at the University of Minnesota – Morris, a leftist, and an outspoken atheist.

None of these things in and of itself isn’t bad; I have friends in each of those categories, and I guess at least one or two in all three categories.

The problem is really Myers in that he’s somewhat of an insufferable ass, A short time reading his blog and you can confirm this for yourself.

I suppose I started reading his blog because, like him, I’m a biologist, and he does, from time to time, have some interesting and worthwhile scientific content posted.

Though I nearly universally find myself disagreeing with Myers regarding anything political, social, or non-scientific, I don’t generally find myself feeling appalled and that he’s posted something totally dishonest.

When browsing his site today, I noted that he offered a post concerned with the Portland train stabbing attack, wherein he attributed the attack to a “right-wing hate-monger.”

I’m willing to forgive some misinformation immediately following the attack, and in this particular case, it even makes sense; the facts coincide with what is perceived to be a “right-wing hate-monger.” The killer was alleged to have been accosting Muslim passengers on the train solely for being Muslim, and murdered those coming to their defense.

For the sake of argument, let’s ignore the fact that as one travels farther to the right on the political spectrum, one doesn’t suddenly encounter or adhere to some philosophy that is inherently racist; indeed, the ultimate expression of right wing philosophy, anarcho-capitalism, doesn’t have anything to do with race, and is concerned with private property and the nonaggression principle alone.

I guess Myers is a bit behind on his reading since the buzzed article which he linked, based on the comments, appears to have been published on or around May 27.

Does anyone else find it disturbing that a biology professor gets his news from buzzfeed?

Whats more disturbing though is that the idea he’s freaking out about and publicizing information that is completely and totally incorrect. As most of you are probably aware, thoroughly debunked this particular angle of this story yesterday afternoon.

Far from being a “right-wing hate-monger,” thegatewaypundit showed that the murderer, Jeremy Christian, was an outspoken Bernie Sanders supporter. Evidence was provided via Christian’s social media postings. I’ve included them below for your convenience.

Unsurprisingly, Myers uses these murders as a spring board to attack the Republican party:

Republican party representatives, on the other hand, are looking at this situation and suggesting that maybe they ought to hire more white nationalist religious fanatics as security guards.

citing this Guardian article as the source.

Read more:

When one has to criticize politicians for implying they might higher private security forces, you know they probably require some sort of medication at least, and perhaps should be involuntary committed.

Hey PZ, ever been to a concert? How about the mall… have you been there? Those places, believe it or not, tend to employ private security forces.

I wonder if he would have felt better if the Republicans had stated they would higher more off-duty police. It’s doubtful since Myers is a BLM supporter, and by definition, hates the police.

Such posts, and indeed, Myers’ blog in general, are poorly masked political pandering and demagoguery; Myers has more interest in covering a fabricated fantastical conspiracy of non-existent ‘right-wing hate’ than he does reporting actual facts and information to his readers. With the exception of science postings, information about politics, culture, or the news in general obtained from Pharyngula is at best cheap, cherry-picked, political demagoguery, and at worst flat out left-wing misinformation.

In answer to my topic question: Is the liberal narrative of right-wing hate unstoppable, as long as people like Myers are publishing their drivel, the answer is likely an unfortunate, “Yes.”

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